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PE - HDPE Square Rods

HDPE square rods are solid, four-sided bars made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These rods are specifically shaped with a square cross-section, offering unique characteristics that make them suitable for various applications.

Their unique square cross-section adds to their adaptability in various industries and custom fabrication projects.


Some of the outstanding characteristics are as follows:

  • Chemical Resilience
  • Wear and Abrasion Resistance
  • Lightweight Design
  • Low Friction Properties
  • UV Stability
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Impact Strength
  • Versatile Applications

Typical Application

Exploring the Versatility of HDPE Across Industries

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are commonly used in kitchens for slicing, chopping, and preparing food ingredients.

Chemical Tanks

Utilized for storing and handling various types of chemicals, including liquids, gases, and powders, in industrial and laboratory settings.

Light Duty chain guides

Employed to ensure smooth and precise movement of chains in low-load applications as conveyors.

Orthotics and prosthetic device

Used to provide support and functionality for individuals with musculoskeletal challenges.

Water storage

essential for domestic, industrial, and emergency purposes, supply of clean water for consumption, irrigation.

Food Processing

Employed to transform raw ingredients into a variety of products, encompassing activities such as cleaning, cooking.

Mining Chute Liners

Used to protect and the durability of equipment chutes, reducing wear and tear while facilitating the smooth flow of materials.


Utilized to shape plastic sheets into a wide range of products and consumer goods, by heating and forming the material using molds.

Chair and belt guides

Used in vehicles to ensure proper positioning and safety of occupants, preventing movement and ensuring secure.

Wear strips, guide rails and neck guides

Frequently employed in medical and rehabilitation settings to provide support and alignment.

Corner tracks

Used in sliding door and window systems to facilitate smooth and controlled movement around corners, enhancing functionality.

Spiral Conveyors

Utilized in manufacturing and distribution processes to efficiently transport goods between different elevations in a compact footprint.

Extruded profiles

find diverse applications in industries such as construction and electronics, serving as customizable components.

Guide rails

Used in industrial automation and transportation equipment to precise and controlled movement of machinery.

Mechanical Properties

Performance and Test ConditiomTest MethodUnitTyical Values
Notched impact strength of cantilever beam, 23°CASTM D256J/m80
Yield tensile strength, 23°C, 50mm/minASTM D638Mpa30
Elongation at break, 23°C, 50mm/minASTM D638%500
The bending strength. 23C, 2mm/minASTM 790Mpa35
Bending modulus, 23°C, 2mm/minASTM 790Mpa1375
Shore hardness DASTMD224075
The DensityISO 1183g/cm30.96

Thermal Properties

Performance and Test ConditiomTest MethodUnitTyical Values
Thermal deformation temprature(HDT) (0.45Mpa)ISO 75°C80
Melting point°C120
Long term operating temperature°C90
Short-term operating temperature°C110
Thermal conductivityDIN 52612-1W/(K-M)0
Linear expansion coefficientASTM D69610-5-1/K15.5


Electrical Performance

Performance and Test ConditiomTest MethodUnitTyical Values
Dielectric strengthASTM D150KV-mm40
Dielectric loss coefficientASTM D150
The volume resistanceASTM D257Ω.cm1014
The surface resistanceASTM D257Ω1016
Dielectric constantASTM D1492.4