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Klik Pad Brand

Klik Pad is a distinguished brand by Shibaam Polymers,a culmination of our expertise and dedication to engineering excellence.

These specialized pads are designed to cater to various industries, offering reliable solutions that redefine performance. Suitable for cutting leather, artificial leather clother, cellular leather cloth, imitation leather, rubber, foam rubber, textiles, fabrics synthetics, plastics, foils, felt, carpets, paper, cardboard, hardboard, asbestos, fiberboard, and various other materials.

It is for use with all conventional die cutting machines, such as swing arm cutting presses, automatic die cutters, beam cutting presses, crosshead die cutting machines, sandwich roller presses, large area cutting presses, and with all conventional tools, knives, and dies.

Some of the outstanding characteristics are as follows:

  • Universal Material Compatibility
  • Compatibility with Die Cutting Machines
  • Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Precise and Clean Cuts
  • Noise Reduction
  • Customization Options
  • Efficiency and Versatility
  • Reliable Performance

Typical Application

Exploring the Versatility of KLIKPAD® CUTTING BOARDS Across Industries

Footwear Industry

Footwear industry's pattern cutting needs, ensuring efficient and accurate production of shoe components.

Leather Industry

Facilitating precise and clean cuts for leather goods, from fashion accessories to upholstery.

Production of Gloves

Achieving flawless precision in cutting and shaping materials, the finest craftsmanship in glove production.

Textile Industry

Precise and efficient fabric cutting, ensuring seamless production of high-quality garments and textiles.

Paper and Carboard Articles

Ensuring clean and accurate cuts for crafting exceptional paper and cardboard articles.

Cork Processing

Cork processing industry, offering a superior surface for precise cutting and shaping, ensuring top-quality cork products.

Automobile Industry

Enabling precise and efficient cutting of materials like upholstery for top-tier automotive manufacturing.

Furniture Industry

Ensuring impeccable precision when cutting upholstery, veneer, and other materials, to craft exquisite furniture pieces.

Product Gallery

Mechanical Properties

Performance and Test ConditiomTest MethodUnitTyical Values
Notched impact strength of cantilever beam, 23°CASTM D256KJ/m²8
Yield tensile strength, 23°C, 50mm/minASTM D638Mpa75
Elongation at break, 23°C, 50mm/minASTM D638%5
The bending strength. 23C, 2mm/minASTM 790Mpa90
Bending modulus, 23°C, 2mm/minASTM 790Mpa2200
Shore hardness DASTMD224080
The DensityISO 1183g/cm31.13

Thermal Properties

Performance and Test ConditiomTest MethodUnitTyical Values
Thermal deformation temprature(HDT) (0.45Mpa)ISO 75°C83
Melting point°C170
Long term operating temperature°C95
Short-term operating temperature°C120
Thermal conductivityDIN 52612-1W/(K-M)
Linear expansion coefficientASTM D69610-5-1/K15

Electrical Performance

Performance and Test ConditiomTest MethodUnitTyical Values
Dielectric strengthASTM D150KV-mm40
Dielectric loss coefficientASTM D150
The volume resistanceASTM D257Ω.cm1014
The surface resistanceASTM D257Ω1016
Dielectric constantASTM D1492.3