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No. 28-F2, Bidadi IndustrialArea, Abbanakuppe,Bidadi-Harohalli Road,Bangalore - 562 109 (INDIA)

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No. 28-J, Bidadi IndustrialArea, Abbanakuppe,Bangalore - 562 109 (INDIA)

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We produce a diverse range of products including Nylon, PP, HDPE, PVC, Cast Nylon, POM-Polyacetal, PE, and Polyurethane - PU. These materials are transformed into Sheets, Rods, Square Rods, Profiles, Hollow Rods, and other customized components.

We operate with 40 advanced Extrusion Machineries for producing a variety of engineering plastic products, from rods and sheets to more intricate components.

Our products have a global presence, with satisfied clients across various countries, including the USA, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, and more.

Our products meet both national and international quality standards and guidelines. We prioritize precision and excellence in every product we offer.

Absolutely. We can create components based on your drawings and specifications, ensuring that you receive tailor-made solutions that meet your exact needs.