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PP Cutting Boards

Discover Shibaam Polymers’ range of PP Cutting Boards, engineered to meet the demands of cutting and chopping applications across industries. These boards are designed to provide a reliable and durable surface for precise cutting operations.

Some of the outstanding characteristics are as follows:

  • Food-Grade Material
  • High Wear Resistance
  • Chemical Resilience
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Resistance to Stains
  • Longevity in Cutting Applications

Typical Application

Exploring the Versatility of Polypropylene Across Industries

Acid tank & vessel linings

Utilized to safeguard industrial containers against corrosion and maintaining product quality and preventing environmental hazards.

Component carrier for storage

Commonly used in electronics manufacturing to securely organize and store various electronic components.


Racks find widespread use in warehousing and storage systems to efficiently organize and store items, optimizing space and facilitating easy access.

Etching machines & rinse tubs

In semiconductor manufacturing for precise removal of material layers thorough cleaning steps.


HVAC systems and industrial processes to circulate air, regulate temperature, and maintain proper ventilation for comfort and efficient operations.


Extensively used in piping systems to connect pipes, valves, and equipment, facilitating secure and leak-proof connections in various industries.

Fume hoods & ducts

Essential in laboratories and industrial settings to effectively capture, contain, and exhaust hazardous fumes and gases ensuring asafe working.

Metal plating Barrels

Used in electroplating processes to coat metal objects with a layer of another metal, enhancing corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

Orthopedic equipments

Used in medical settings to diagnose, treat, and support musculoskeletal conditions, aiding in rehabilitation.

Plating modules

Utilized in electroplating industries to efficiently apply a variety of metal coatings onto surfaces, enhancing durability, conductivity and components.

Processing Equipments

Employed in food and chemical industries to transform raw materials into finished products through various manufacturing.

Scrub stations & Scrubbers

Used in air pollution control systems to remove harmful pollutants from industrial exhaust gases.

Storage tanks

Essential in industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, and agriculture to safely store and manage liquids or gases, efficient inventory.

Tank covers

Used in wastewater treatment plants and industrial storage tanks to prevent odors, contamination, maintaining environmental integrity.

Wall & ceiling

Materials are applied in construction and interior design to provide support, insulation, defining the spatial environment and visual appeal.


Used in architecture to provide protective and decorative coverings for building exteriors, and visual appeal while contributing to overall design aesthetics.

Mechanical Properties

Performance and Test ConditiomTest MethodUnitTyical Values
Notched impact strength of cantilever beam, 23°CASTM D256KJ/m²8
Yield tensile strength, 23°C, 50mm/minASTM D638Mpa75
Elongation at break, 23°C, 50mm/minASTM D638%5
The bending strength. 23C, 2mm/minASTM 790Mpa90
Bending modulus, 23°C, 2mm/minASTM 790Mpa2200
Shore hardness DASTMD224080
The DensityISO 1183g/cm31.13

Thermal Properties

Performance and Test ConditiomTest MethodUnitTyical Values
Thermal deformation temprature(HDT) (0.45Mpa)ISO 75°C83
Melting point°C170
Long term operating temperature°C95
Short-term operating temperature°C120
Thermal conductivityDIN 52612-1W/(K-M)
Linear expansion coefficientASTM D69610-5-1/K15

Electrical Performance

Performance and Test ConditiomTest MethodUnitTyical Values
Dielectric strengthASTM D150KV-mm40
Dielectric loss coefficientASTM D150
The volume resistanceASTM D257Ω.cm1014
The surface resistanceASTM D257Ω1016
Dielectric constantASTM D1492.3