Polyacetal (Polyoxymethylene - POM) is a widely used crystalline engineering thermoplastic popularly known as Delrin which is a homopolymer Polyacetal which exhibits slightly different characteristics in copolymer grades. Polyacetal is characterized as having an excellent combination of physical properties that makes it suitable for numerous industrial applications.

Polyacetal has the following characteristics:
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Excellent mechanical properties (i.e. strength & stiffness)
  • Good temperature resistance

Polyacetal is used in many static & dynamic industrial applications replacing materials like; steel brass, bronze, copper and aluminum. Polyacetal have improved part life because of; better wear, more chemical and corrosion resistance. These materials reduce factory noise and will reduce or eliminate the need for lubricants.
Polyacetal can be used in applications such as; Gears, Bushings, Bearings, Rollers, Timing Screws, manifolds, Valves and Valve Bodies, Washers, Wear Pads, and many industrial machine parts.